The course will cover 3 key components

The course is given in a live market environment when taken 1 on 1.

“Besides being an excellent teacher, Simon has devised a way of entering the market with the minimal risk of money so that one’s emotions are minimally engaged and the initial losses are minimal. He is also experienced enough with the nature of learning this most difficult course of study to know in what areas the student is weak and how best to help him overcome these difficulties.” (Dale Baranowski – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

“I can honestly say that learning and trading with Simon has given me the confidence to attack the market like an experienced trader who will not get eaten alive!” (Shlomo Strugano – Encino, California, United States)

“Simon was great. He provides you with the skills to develop your own approach to the markets, taking you from A to Z at your pace.” (Mike Grynberg – Toronto, Canada)