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This Comprehensive Training Covers...

  • 1

    Trading Strategies.

    Learn how to develop your own strategy that fits your personality and lifestyle.

  • 2

    The Trading Framework.

  • 3

    The Trading Process.

  • 4

    Follow Up And Review.

  • 5

    Money Managment.

    Position Sizing.

  • 6

    Trade Management.

    The 3 main types.

  • 7

    Performance Statistics.

  • 8

    Trading Psychology.

What others are saying..

Simon is probably one of the best coaches out there. With a heart-felt passion for coaching and a real understanding of how the market works, he helps you view everything in a new way. The way he teaches is also really good, and he goes through it until you understand. I can honestly say that I’ve gotten more out of this training than I expected. Thanks a lot, Simon!

Markus Alfheim - Bodo, Norway

I am a newbie in stock market and had no experience or confidence at all. I began my training by watching videos and joining brokers cause i needed to start from somewhere but it all look like a giant mountain to me until i was lucky enough to meet Simon. I really struggle with trusting people but his integrity is like no other. I trusted him and just some weeks later i feel that i can make magic happen. When everybody else is telling you all the wrong things, Simon stands out from the crowd and tell you where you should really focus in order to become a successful trader. It's been a real pleasure being trained by you Simon!

Yiangos Katsaris - Larnaka, Cyprus

Learning to trade with Simon has been both a very professional and enjoyable experience. Simon has the unique combination of expertise in the trading field along with a love for sharing knowledge and interacting with people . Simon doesn’t only show you the ropes – he will design a method of trading that is tailored for you and will guide and coach you, well after you have learned to trade.  What I thought would be a somewhat boring activity has now become an exciting endeavor which will not only challenge you, but may very well transform you into a different person.

Joshua Isaac - Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Benefit #1 - Understanding

    Once you have this knowledge you will have clear understanding of how to run your trading as a business.

  • Benefit #2 - Development

    This knowledge will enable you to continue your journey to trading mastery.

  • Benefit #3 - Advantage

    The ability to run your trading as a business will give you an edge over those trading without this knowledge.

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Training Schedule

Session 1 - Goals, Tools Of The Trade & Trading Strategies

Session 2 - The Trading Framework

Session 3 - The Trading Process, Follow Up And Review & Performance Statistics

Session 4 - Money Management, Risk Management & Trade Management

Session 5 - Trading Psychology

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