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This Comprehensive Training Covers...

  • 1

    Pivot Analysis

    How to identify the trend and when it changes

  • 2

    Supply and Demand Analysis

    Where are the big buy and sell orders?

  • 3

    Price Direction Analysis

    Is price going up or down?

  • 4

    Multiple Timeframe Analysis

    2 dimensional and 3 dimensional analysis

  • 5

    Trading Strategies.

    Learn how to develop your own strategy that fits your personality and lifestyle.

  • 6

    The Trading Framework.

  • 7

    The Trading Process.

  • 8

    Follow Up And Review.

  • 9

    Money Managment.

    Position Sizing.

  • 10

    Trade Management.

    The 3 main types.

  • 11

    Performance Statistics.

  • 12

    Trading Psychology.

What others are saying...

  • If you’re a trader in the making as I am you won’t find a better way to hone your skills and learn the Demand & Supply method of trading with Simon’s teaching and guidance. Having the chance to join Simon a few weeks ago gave me the knowledge and confidence to take trades starting with a small account. The reality is that being able to read any naked chart (no technical indicators) with confidence gives you the most exhilarating feeling as a trader.


    All my appreciation to Simon for his diligent work and dedication in bringing this product to the community of traders.
    Emil Sorescu - Florida, USA
  • I found Simon's course "How To Read The Market Professionally" has profoundly changed the way I look at charts.  His clear, patient and succinct explanation of how to recognize trends, where they begin and where they end; how to spot reversals and what to look for has been a revelation. What was most helpful to me was that he looked at several time-frames to highlight supply and demand areas, which will help anyone in the decision making process of when to enter and when exit a trade in any time-frame they choose to use in their trading.
    Eva Wright - Somerton, United Kingdom
  • I write to confirm that after one session with you my view of Forex trading changed in a sense that I have more confidence in being able to read and understand the chart at the basic level. This translated in me taking trades with more calm than before I started the training. Over the last two weeks, the rate of win increased compared to before.


    I look forward to the rest of training as I cannot begin to imagine what I will get out of it at the end of the full training based on the first training session.
    Gerard Ouattara - London, England
  • I have gone through the course once and I plan to go through it again today. Honestly it's mind blowing, the concept of pivot analysis and identifying when a Trend starts and ends is an information I got for the first time yesterday.
    Chukwugozie Ikeagu - Aberdeen, UK
  • All I can say to anyone who wants to consistently profit – just do it! That training turned my whole trading around – from that day on, my trading has been so consistent, it is really mind blowing. Once you understand the levels, and can read the trend, you WILL beat the Market every single day!


    However, the key is: follow the pivot analysis, use the demand and supply levels and adapt it to your OWN trading style. Be very disciplined, don’t be greedy, stop when you have made your daily profit and you will turn losing trades into winning consistently day in day out.


    Simon’s training can be adapted to any market. I mainly trade NQ and CL – I use my own strategy based on Simon’s education.


    I found the best thing was knowing what you are doing gives you confidence in your trades and the fear of losing was gone. Trading had become a life style, no longer a binary gamble or a nervous hope job.


    Believe me – it is the best and the only training to succeed with!
    Jane Sarma Austria
  • Benefit #1 - Understanding

    Once you have these analytical skills you will have a clear understanding of how the market moves.

  • Benefit #2 - Strategy

    This knowledge will enable you to develop your own strategies.

  • Benefit #3 - Business Edge

    Learn how to run your trading as a business and a proven process to develop as a trader

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Session 1  - How To Read The Trend

Session 2 – Supply & Demand Analysis (Part 1)

Session 3 – Supply & Demand Analysis (Part 2)

Session 4 – Supply & Demand Analysis (Part 3)

Session 5 – Price Direction Analysis & Multiple Time-frame Analysis



Session 1 - Goals, Tools Of The Trade & Trading Strategies

Session 2 - The Trading Framework

Session 3 - The Trading Process, Follow Up And Review & Performance Statistics

Session 4 - Money Management, Risk Management & Trade Management

Session 5 - Trading Psychology


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