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Being in the Trading Room with really skilled traders like Simon and Mike is a great experience. They go through the market analysis thoroughly and in detail. With amazing teaching and communication skills they explain to you what  the market is doing and the different probability scenarios that might happen.

Simon is very good at telling you what mistakes to avoid, giving the right advise on the technical but also and on the psychological aspect of what you need to do to improve yourself. His vision is to build a big family of top traders that can work together, grow, make money and have fun doing it.

The Trading Room is perfect for anyone regardless of where you are in your trading career as everyone needs a hand of support in the long journey of becoming a master trader.

Yiangos Katsaris - Larnaka, Cyprus

TradeSmart’s trading room is very good. Simon goes through the dollar and some Forex pairs and ES futures, gold and oil. He shows supply and demand zones on the charts and explains it.

Although his trading room does not brag about big wins every day, it really shows the day in the life of a trader. When Simon takes a trade, you can follow and he explains that you must take your own decisions, not just follow along.

As an extra the trading room is also open on Sundays at 3.30 ET and Simon then goes through all the markets he follows, sets supply and demand zones and gives his opinion on the market direction.

So it is well worth the money if you want to follow the markets and get good trades. It is worth more than the trading rooms where you just follow trades blindly and it has helped me a lot.

Britt Berglund - Sweden

I would recommend you again and again to family and friends because since I've been on this journey you are the true and genuine person the Lord brought my way. I have had increase of 25 percent in just a month I started trading with you. Do not get me wrong, I've had some losses while trading with you but my profit has not gone below 25 percent.

Thank you Simon

Mistura Adebanjo - London, England

I would like to thank you very much for letting me do a 2 week trial of your trading room. Unfortunately, due to having a full time day job, I was only able to join the Sunday sessions, and once during the week.

However, in that little time, I really learned a lot from listening to what both you and Mike had to say. The whole atmosphere of the sessions is so friendly. Both you and Mike go through all the charts very clearly and point out any possible current, or upcoming trades, (for both the whole week and day trades) some of which I took and they were successful. Most important though, is you thoroughly explain how to use the different levels of supply and demand and point them out very clearly.

I believe that to succeed in trading by having that little edge, you need to be surrounded by the right people, have the right support, correct education, trading professionals and a trading community like your trading room seems to be.

In particular, I was very impressed that you don't merely talk about trades but build up everyone's mental condition and talk about different aspects that surround a good trader, pointing out too how imperative it is to be emotion-free, have a trading plan and a tested strategy.

Having the sessions recorded is also a huge bonus, so anyone who works all day like I do, can still benefit from the sessions in their own time.

I can highly recommend the trading room to anyone who is really interested and wants to succeed in trading.

Jane Sarma, Austria
  • Benefit #1 - Analysis

    Learn how to analyze the market in real-time by watching master traders in action. Pick up the nuances that can only be taught in the live market.

  • Benefit #2 - Trade

    Watch us in the live market as we find trades and execute our plan.

  • Benefit #3 - Experience

    Build your experience based on ours as we help you navigate the live markets.

Trading Room Schedule

Weekly Market Analysis And Preparation

Sunday 4am ET (session is recorded)

Daily Market Analysis, Preparation, And Live Trading

Monday - Thursday 7:30am ET (session is recorded)


*All schedules are subject to changes due to holidays, festivals and other unforeseen reasons

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