Join My Exclusive 1 On 1  Training For Building And Testing Your Own Strategy And Trading It In The Market

This Exclusive Training Includes...

  • 1

    10 hours of 1 on 1 training

  • 2

    Building your own personalized Trading Plan

  • 3

    Developing your own strategy

  • 4

    Testing your own strategy

  • 5

    Trading preparation

  • 6

    Trading in live/simulated market

  • 7

    Trade logging

  • 8

    Trade journaling

  • 9

    Follow up and review

  • After one webinar with Simon, I understood two things 1) I needed a coach  2) Simon was the right coach.


    I have been training with Simon over 3 months now and I am still amazed at his unique and brilliant understanding of the market, the clarity and simplicity of his vision and his genuine desire to train and make me prosperous. I have no doubt now I will be successful because I have the confidence and the knowledge to make my own analysis and trades and the psychology to bear the results. The practice trades we have done together based on my own trade parameters have given a result of 5-1 win-loss rate, no luck involved. Invest in your training and after 3 months with Simon, you can achieve this too. I can’t wait to complete my training!


    Simon, there are no words to thank you for what you have done for me. You are an amazing coach and person and I am so so lucky to have met you! Please keep helping us succeed in this harsh business.
    Tanya Barden, New York
  • Once I completed the theoretical part of the course, Simon worked with me to put the theory into practice.  Encouraging me to individualize my trading plan, Simon guided me through the process of leveraging the core concepts and cornerstones of his trading philosophy to create my own bespoke trading strategy; one that both matched my personality and that was also well suited to the limited time that I had available to trade.   Teaching me how to back-test my trading strategy over actual historic market data using Forex Tester, Simon and I replayed my trades one trade at a time, with him pointing out my errors along the way.
    Yehuda, London
  • Benefit #1 - Skills

    Develop and test your own strategy and Trading Plan from scratch.

  • Benefit #2 - Experience

    Practice trading in a live/simulated market.

  • Benefit #3 - Mastery

    Gain the necessary practical skills through real-time experience.

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