A series of life events convinced me it was time to quickly upgrade my trading approach.  I decided to spend 1 month looking for the right educator.  After watching well over 40 trading educators’ introductory webinars, it was clear that Simon was offering something superior that could replace or complement my own approach.  I joined his trading room and watched him and others trade in the trading room for a month, and it was quite impressive to see he and his students could profitably trade on a daily basis.  I saw profits made every day on all major currency pairs, bitcoin, gold, oil and E-mini S&P500 futures – and I witnessed these across multiple time frames.  I will soon be applying this approach on equity option trading as it seems highly translatable.  In the room, I discovered Simon is not only a gifted teacher, but he is quite a good encourager to room members as they learn his trading process.  Finding that breadth of observable results and sincere encouragement toward students is quite rare.  I feel qualified to assess Simon’s training ability having myself been a global trainer for several companies where I trained many diverse backgrounds from English-speaking people all over the world both live and online.  Simon has a good understanding of how adults learn and the many frustrations of new and experienced traders.  He is willing to share his personal growth as a trader and offers an inspiring example of how to be continually developing and adapting as a professional trader.  My time has been well spent and I look forward to continued learning.

Mike Chandler – USA

All I can say to anyone who wants to consistently profit – just do it! That training turned my whole trading around – from that day on, my trading has been so consistent, it is really mind blowing. Once you understand the levels, and can read the trend, you WILL beat the Market every single day!

However, the key is: follow the pivot analysis, use the demand and supply levels and adapt it to your OWN trading style. Be very disciplined, don’t be greedy, stop when you have made your daily profit and you will turn losing trades into winning consistently day in day out.

Simon’s training can be adapted to any market. I mainly trade NQ and CL – I use my own strategy based on Simon’s education.

I found the best thing was knowing what you are doing gives you confidence in your trades and the fear of losing was gone. Trading had become a life style, no longer a binary gamble or a nervous hope job.

Believe me – it is the best and the only training to succeed with!

Jane Sarma – Austria

I want to thank you for this first step into the trader’s world. You did deliver what you promised to me:

1. A good base of the trader’s toolkit

2. A real picture of a trader’s day to day trading

3. A methodology and a discipline which are mandatory in trading

4. A “plunge” in real time in the market at each and every session

I hope the next stage will be as excellent as the first one, if not better

Didier Bensahel – Paris, France

I write to confirm that after one session with you my view of Forex trading changed in a sense that I have more confidence in being able to read and understand the chart at the basic level. This translated in me taking trades with more calm than before I started the training. Over the last two weeks, the rate of win increased compared to before.

I look forward to the rest of training as I cannot begin to imagine what I will get out of it at the end of the full training based on the first training session.

Gerard Ouattara – London, England

While I was struggling to learn professional market trade, I met Mr. Simon, a gentleman who’s willing to teach everything he knows about this area.  For instance, He has shown me the way to analyze the market in simple methods, and now, just by analyzing the candlestick chart, I can predict the future of the market and the reasons for those. It is startling how he has changed my attitude towards market trade. Therefore, I’m really pleased and honored to recommend Mr. Simon, to who ever willing to learn the professional methods of Trade. With His independent trader experience, He will guide you to the success.

Senaka Rupanetti, PMP – Sri Landa

I must admit that the course was truly an eye opener. Looking at the chart now is a completely different experience and things make sense now. Finally!!

Damir Brkjaca – Croatia

I am a newbie in stock market and had no experience or confidence at all. I began my training by watching videos and joining brokers cause i needed to start from somewhere but it all look like a giant mountain to me until i was lucky enough to meet Simon. I really struggle with trusting people but his integrity is like no other. I trusted him and just some weeks later i feel that i can make magic happen. When everybody else is telling you all the wrong things, Simon stands out from the crowd and tell you where you should really focus in order to become a successful trader.

It’s been a real pleasure being trained by you Simon!

Yianyos Katsaris – Larnaka, Cyprus

Learning to trade with Simon has been both a very professional and enjoyable experience. Simon has the unique combination of expertise in the trading field along with a love for sharing knowledge and interacting with people. Simon doesn’t only show you the ropes – he will design a method of trading that is tailored for you and will guide and coach you, well after you have learned to trade. What I thought would be a somewhat boring activity has now become an exciting endeavor which will not only challenge you, but may very well transform you into a different person.

Joshua Isaac – Johannesberg, South Africa

I find these sessions very helpful for honing my skills and psychology on trading.


Excellent! Thank you! What an awesome session. The growth I have experienced already is unbelievable.


Just want to say thank you for the excellent session today!


Simon, great session today. Very helpful. Thanks so much for all your time.


To Whom It May Concern

I would like to recommend Mr. Simon Klein as a teacher of  trading, who clearly guides you how to read market moves and how to react correctly in real time. Mr. Klein’s method is systematic and structured, according to which a person learns to trade correctly and mainly learns the shortcomings of himself and how to deal with them correctly in order to succeed.

Personally, I did not understand anything about trading until I met Mr. Klein. His orderly lessons opened up a new world and Mr. Klein devotedly built me ​​floor after floor until I realized that I understood the market well and could trade and even succeed.

The thoroughness and methodology of Mr. Klein, along with the psychological insights acquired during the study, are the secret of the success of Mr. Klein and of his method. I highly recommend anyone who wants to enter the world of trading to study with Mr. Simon Klein and thus pave the way for success

Mr. S

So you want to be a trader.

Trading is not like other professions in that there is a significant psychological component, technical items to master, and plenty of pitfalls.

And it requires commitment and resolve from your side and your coach.

Simon was great. He provides you with the skills to develop your own approach to the markets, taking you from A to Z at your pace.

Of course, if trading was easy, everyone would do it. There are pitfalls, whether it is a technical setup, or psychological. You will have failures; but learning to accept those failures (and how to avoid them in the future), encouraging you to continue, and having the patience to help you weather the dips in the learning curve is where Simon’s guidance has been exceptional.

The mechanics of trading are simple, just buy and sell. But knowing when is the key. The number of novice traders that do not succeed is accepted to be between 80-95%. If you want to avoid joining that group, it takes commitment. You need to spend the time working on all aspects of your trading, but you need a coach who is willing and eager to help you improve and become part of the successful 5%. Simon is incredibly patient and genuinely enjoys teaching, and enjoys trading.

Ultimately, the coach you choose should have the following characteristics:

1. Your coach should themselves be a successful trader, not just someone parroting a book they read.

2. Your coach should be able to convey clearly the mechanics of how the market works.

3. Your coach should be there to help you hone your skills.

4. Your coach should have a lot of patience as a trader is not made overnight.

Simon has all these characteristics, and I would unhesitatingly recommend Simon as a trading coach.

Mike Grynberg – Toronto, Canada

Simon is probably one of the best coaches out there. With a heart-felt passion for coaching and a real understanding of how the market works, he helps you view everything in a new way. The way he teaches is also really good, and he goes through it until you understand. I can honestly say that I’ve gotten more out of this training than I expected.

Thanks a lot, Simon!

Markus Alfheim – Bodo, Norway

I found Simon’s course “How To Read The Market Professionally” has profoundly changed the way I look at charts. His clear, patient and succinct explanation of how to recognize trends, where they begin and where they end; how to spot reversals and what to look for has been a revelation. What was most helpful to me was that he looked at several time-frames to highlight supply and demand areas, which will help anyone in the decision making process of when to enter and when exit a trade in any time-frame they choose to use in their trading.

Eva Wright – Somerton, United Kingdom

If you’re a trader in the making as I am you won’t find a better way to hone your skills and learn the Demand & Supply method of trading with Simon’s teaching and guidance. Having the chance to join Simon a few weeks ago gave me the knowledge and confidence to take trades starting with a small account. The reality is that being able to read any naked chart (no technical indicators) with confidence gives you the most exhilarating feeling as a trader.

All my appreciation to Simon for his diligent work and dedication in bringing this product to the community of traders.

Emil Sorescu – Florida, USA

After attending many webinars and looking for different ways to learn about trading, I never seemed to find what I was looking for. Nothing that was being taught on those webinars seemed to work out the way it was presented. I was almost giving it up, thinking that trading was only another word for gambling, and that was not the right thing for me to do.

Then one day I decided to give it one last chance and I registered to my final trading webinar. At that webinar, I heard a new voice, and I liked what I heard. It was Simon explaining what trading is really about and presenting ideas and methods that I had never heard about before.

I am glad that I gave it this last chance. Now I have finished the first leg of his training in Reading the Market and it has been a big eye-opener for me. I now see the market in a new and bright light, almost in neon lights! The methods he teaches are amazing and I can highly recommend his course to everyone who wants to learn about how the market works.

Karl L – Oslo, Norway

So far I have taken the first part of the course and I found Simon to be an excellent communicator with a pleasing voice that demonstrates calmness and sensibility in reading the market on multiple time frames. The key components I learned so far was how to exactly determine trend direction and price action, in addition of how to determine support and resistance areas on multiple time frames. The course is an absolute must to a successful trader, highly recommended.

George Zakravsky – Edmonton, Canada