It is one thing to master your craft, but there is no greater pleasure than helping others succeed too.

I have picked 2 of the emails I received this week to share with you some feedback on my training, particularly “How To Read The Trend” which is Session 1 of “How To Read The Market Professionally” and also a stand alone training session.

One trader recently purchased “How To Read The Trend” after attending my latest webinar “Live Market Analysis Using Supply & Demand” – you can watch the recording here before it is taken down.

This is the email he sent:

Most Gratitude to you for sharing your trading style. I was having a bad two weeks of negative P&L, then I saw your email for this training so I decided to register, and I am glad I did because I was feeling down and didn’t know what else to do to correct what I am doing wrong.

It was a back to basics for me when I saw saw your training and I said to myself here we go again, but gave it full attention, and boy oh boy a light bulb went off, so I purchased the course and went over and over it ’till another light bulb went off yesterday, then I went to the charts did my counting of HL and LH etc on GBPUSD, EURGBP and GBPJPY – won all today but still in the EURGBP. Normally Friday is a losing day but today I won all my trades, WOW, WOW, can’t thank you enough. Spent over 25k in 5 years learnt a hell of a lot but nothing so simple but effective as your training… 

The other email I received was from a complete beginner just starting out their journey to trading mastery.

This is the email she sent:

It Is unbelievably clear and easy to understand!

Yesterday I finished the first part of reading the market and I hope to do the second part today.

I am really learning tons of new things, it is amazing!

Thank you!

Remember…. In order to succeed you must take action. Learn what is necessary and then take action.

That’s all for now.

    2 replies to "A Light Bulb Moment!"

    • Ichaar

      It’s the honest truth. Well done Simon.

    • Simon Klein

      Thanks Denzil. Great to have you on board. Please keep me posted how you are getting on.

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