I just finished doing a webinar and some of my students from the past were present. I was so involved in the presentation that I forgot to turn on the comments at the end.

I was just reading through the comments after closing up the presentation and was flooded with a sense of gratitude that I was able to have a positive impact on another person’s life. It is this that drives me to continue to share my knowledge and experience of trading the markets with others.

Here are some of the comments that my traders posted for all to see but no one saw them…

I just want to say very thanks to you guys for putting me on the right side. Cant thank you enough.

For the first time profit in acc. after trying for years to get consistent results.

Think I was very lucky to find someone like Simon to learn from thanks Simon.

Simon, my profits from Forex Trading last paid for my enrollment in your offer. I look forward to increasing my weekly income.

CLICK HERE to watch the latest recording of this presentation.

Let me know in the comments if what you learn helps you with your trading.

Looking forward to helping you on your trading journey!

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